The Past, The Present and Envisioning the Future...

The Past


Photos from the Worcester Historical Museum provide a small glimpse into the lives of the boys who attended the Boys Club at 2 Ionic Ave in Worcester, MA.

Worcester  Boy's Club, Gymnasts, Luce Ne
Worcester  Boy's Club Boy's with Saws, L
WBC, Dance Class 2
WBC, Boy's Reading
WBC, Gym Class, Luce Ne
WBC, Young Boy with Dog
WBC, Workshop 6
WBC, Girl's Swimming
WBC, Team 2, Luce Neg 2
WBC,  Play, Luce Neg 266
WBC, Group of 8 Boys,
WBC, Assembly, Luce Neg
WBC, Boy's Yelling, Luc
WBC, Practice in Gym, Luce

The Present


Current photos of Creative Hub's programming and outreach!